[video] Venetian Snares live in Linz, Austria, 2009

Edit: I received this message from the original recorder, and out of respect for him and Aaron, I have deleted the video.-

I am the Original Recorder (having the Original Mini-DV Tape) and I told Aaron Back then, that I would Not Upload it to YouTube. To Respect this, Please delete it from YouTube.”

Original post-

I just posted this live VSnares video from 2009. Not my recording, but I’ve had it sitting in a hard drive for years. Saw that it wasn’t on the internet anywhere. The video quality is not that good, but I fixed it up somewhat. The audio was halfway decent for just a consumer camcorder, and I fixed that up a bit, too, and it’s not that difficult to listen to.

I updated a few recordings on my Mixcloud

So I’ve been aware for some time that a few of the live recordings that I’ve posted to my Mixcloud are greyed out. I looked into it one time, and found that it’s only the US listeners who aren’t able to access those recordings. Something to do with royalties or licenses or copyrights or something like that. Something about mixes not having more than three songs from the same artist in the recording. Which is a bit absurd, because I’ve posted about 100 other recordings which have many more than three songs from the same band in them, yet those aren’t blocked in any countries.

The only thing I tried to do is to delete those recording’s tracklists, and label the entire recording as one big single track. That didn’t do the trick, and those few recordings were still greyed out. It sucked, but it didn’t bother me too much, as I expected somebody from some other part of the world would find some way to download the audio and post it somewhere else for download or as a torrent or whatever.

But now I see that for one reason or another, at one time or another, I signed up an account with a Mixcloud clone site called hearthis.at. It was super simple to transfer all of my Mixcloud recordings over to HearThis; it was just a single button in fact. But those recordings that were greyed out didn’t transfer over.

So I dug out my archive hard drive and found the original aiff mixdowns and tried to upload them directly to HearThis, and apparently HearThis has no qualms whatsoever about making them available to everybody, worldwide. So now all you American listeners can rejoice, as you can now access these recordings-

Enduser live at Berghain, Berlin, 14 May 2010

Venetian Snares live at El Corazon, Seattle, 7 June 2008

Enduser live at Scoundrel’s at Liquid Den, Las Vegas, 5 May 2007

[audio] Noize Creator live at Norbergfestival 2006

Here’s a Noize Creator show that I didn’t record myself, but I’d happened to have had in my ipod. Originally it was just a board tape, so I worked my magic and remastered it and threw in some crowd sounds. Presto, live album.

And I wouldn’t bother posting it here, except it seems that this board tape isn’t even available anywhere on the internet any more, which is sorta baffling because it’s a great one.

This is one where he starts off slow and brooding and menacing, and then gradually gets faster and heavier, and then faster and heavier, and then faster and heavier, and then faster and heavier, and then faster and heavier, and by the end it feels like the world is about to collapse.

The first half of the show showcases his proto-industrial dubstep, before all the brostep wub-wub-wubs infiltrated the genre and made it the biggest embarrassment since electoclash. Then it ramps up in the mid-section and his breakcore sounds make their way to the forefront. It gets poundier and poundier while keeping all the breakcore sounds, and he rounds it out by adding a little bit of his metalcore noise (but thankfully, not too much).

Originally recorded at Norbergfestival, Norberg, Sweden, 2006.