[video] Oake live in Los Angeles, 20 March 2015

Like many of you, I hear a massive amount of new music. Most of it is garbage; every once in a while I’ll run across something that’s actually worth dropping into my ipod. Almost never ever do albums come along that totally knock me off my feet and blow me away and shoot straight up into my top-10-all-time list.

But recently one of those albums hit me over the head, and I was fortunate to not only see/hear the band perform, but also record the performance.

So drop what you’re doing and go get Auferstehung by Oake, an album by a duo from Berlin which combines some bleak, end-of-the-world, apocalyptic industrial with some gorgeous, ethereal, almost opera-like female vocals.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s a song from that performance. From 20 March at Mount Analog’s Nuit Noire XI at Jewel’s Catch One in Los Angeles. All audio and video recording and post-production by me.

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