[audio] Venetian Snares live in Seattle, 7 June 2008

Here’s one that I played on my Mixlr internet radio shoutcast thing a couple years ago, but seemingly never bothered to post to any of my blogs.

It’s a monstrous live set by Venetian Snares at El Corazon in Seattle that I recorded in the summer of 2008, on the same weekend that Detrimentalist was released.

Unfortunately, if you’re in the US, I think this one might be blocked for you. Some legal BS about licensing or something. Sorry, not my call. Complain the Mixcloud about it if you want, but I’m gonna guess that their hands are tied. Everybody else around the world, have a blast.

(0:00) Deep Dicking

(2:25) Splooj Guzzlers

(7:14) Crashing the Yogurt Truck

(10:56) Mongoloid Alien

(14:47) Einstein-Rosen Bridge

(17:21) Poo Yourself Jason

(19:14) Kimberly Clark

(20:24) CCUK

(22:12) Husikam Rave Dojo

(25:22) Sajtban

(29:53) Eurocore MVP

(31:19) Circle Pit

(33:30) Szerencsetlen

(34:21) Gentleman

(37:05) Kétsarkú Mozgalom

(43:31) My Half

(45:55) Masodik Galamb

(49:58) Dollmaker

(51:44) Crackest

(53:49) Make Ronnie Rocket

(57:30) The Most Sadistic (Necro mix)

(1:01:33) All the Children Are Dead

(1:05:22) Befriend a Childkiller

(1:10:17) A Lot of Drugs

(1:11:50) Hand Throw

(1:13:45) Kakarookee Hates Me

(1:17:10) Skelechairs

(1:20:21) Skelechairs (Megamix)

(1:24:14) Where’s Bill?

(1:27:26) Winnipeg is a Dogshit Dildo

(1:30:18) Winnipeg is a Dogshit Dildo (reprise)

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