The Young Gods live at Roadburn 2009 remastered


If you didn’t know, the authoritative blog for all difficult or otherwise impossible to find live recordings and bootlegs from 80s, 90s and 2000s goth and industrial bands is Dark Circle Room (blog, FB). They’re huge on Sisters of Mercy, and have an extensive catalog of all the big names from those decades. Lots of videos as well as mp3s, and all for download. Many of the recordings don’t sound all that great, especially the audience bootlegs which probably will appeal only to the diehards. But they also have many board tapes, tv broadcasts and audio rips of pro-shot VHSs which are worth grabbing.

I was browsing through their Young Gods selections when I found a download of a webcast of a performance at Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands in 2009. So it sounded pretty good in the first place- no doubt they just fed the main board mix to the internet. In effect, a board tape. Young Gods are one of my all time favorites, so I was stoked to have found it. At the same time, me being an audio engineer, nothing ever meets my ears without me thinking, ‘hmm, I bet you anything I can make this sound better.’

The instrument balance was done for the speakers in the venue, not for the webcast/recording, so it’s understandable that some stuff will sound kinda weird. In this recording, the vocals were buried way down in the mix, and the drums were way too loud. I’m sure in the hall it sounded fine, but for my purposes, I wanted to try and even that out. And I have the tools and the skills to do that, so I did it. Also, one thing that plagues every webcast are the little hiccups and drop outs in the audio, and this one was no different. I fixed up all of those as well, and also fixed the overall level which was a bit lacking in the original.

So what I ended up with was a pretty great recording. I know I’m not the only Young Gods fan out there, so I sent my remastered version to Dark Circle Room and asked if they could post it. They were kind enough to do so, and it’s now available for download from their blog. Go get it here.

[video] Oake live in Los Angeles, 20 March 2015

Like many of you, I hear a massive amount of new music. Most of it is garbage; every once in a while I’ll run across something that’s actually worth dropping into my ipod. Almost never ever do albums come along that totally knock me off my feet and blow me away and shoot straight up into my top-10-all-time list.

But recently one of those albums hit me over the head, and I was fortunate to not only see/hear the band perform, but also record the performance.

So drop what you’re doing and go get Auferstehung by Oake, an album by a duo from Berlin which combines some bleak, end-of-the-world, apocalyptic industrial with some gorgeous, ethereal, almost opera-like female vocals.

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s a song from that performance. From 20 March at Mount Analog’s Nuit Noire XI at Jewel’s Catch One in Los Angeles. All audio and video recording and post-production by me.

[audio] Venetian Snares live in Seattle, 7 June 2008

Here’s one that I played on my Mixlr internet radio shoutcast thing a couple years ago, but seemingly never bothered to post to any of my blogs.

It’s a monstrous live set by Venetian Snares at El Corazon in Seattle that I recorded in the summer of 2008, on the same weekend that Detrimentalist was released.

Unfortunately, if you’re in the US, I think this one might be blocked for you. Some legal BS about licensing or something. Sorry, not my call. Complain the Mixcloud about it if you want, but I’m gonna guess that their hands are tied. Everybody else around the world, have a blast.

(0:00) Deep Dicking

(2:25) Splooj Guzzlers

(7:14) Crashing the Yogurt Truck

(10:56) Mongoloid Alien

(14:47) Einstein-Rosen Bridge

(17:21) Poo Yourself Jason

(19:14) Kimberly Clark

(20:24) CCUK

(22:12) Husikam Rave Dojo

(25:22) Sajtban

(29:53) Eurocore MVP

(31:19) Circle Pit

(33:30) Szerencsetlen

(34:21) Gentleman

(37:05) Kétsarkú Mozgalom

(43:31) My Half

(45:55) Masodik Galamb

(49:58) Dollmaker

(51:44) Crackest

(53:49) Make Ronnie Rocket

(57:30) The Most Sadistic (Necro mix)

(1:01:33) All the Children Are Dead

(1:05:22) Befriend a Childkiller

(1:10:17) A Lot of Drugs

(1:11:50) Hand Throw

(1:13:45) Kakarookee Hates Me

(1:17:10) Skelechairs

(1:20:21) Skelechairs (Megamix)

(1:24:14) Where’s Bill?

(1:27:26) Winnipeg is a Dogshit Dildo

(1:30:18) Winnipeg is a Dogshit Dildo (reprise)