[audio] Venetian Snares live in Winnipeg, late 90s

Venetian Snares live at Plug In Gallery, Winnipeg.

OK, so this is another one that I didn’t actually record myself. It’s a stereo board tape from his early days (late 90s or early 2000s I’d estimate, with tracks from Greg Hates Car Culture, Fuck Canada // Fuck America, as well as some early unreleased stuff) that I found lurking in the deepest, darkest corners of the internet (well, YouTube), but I put in a whole bunch of time and work to remaster it and add some crowd sounds to make it sound like a proper live album.

The source material is a mess, and YouTube’s abysmal compression doesn’t help matters. But I pumped some life into it, shined it up and made it a whole lot more presentable. No video on the original YouTube; just a static jpeg of some Satanic looking goat thing.

Track times obviously aren’t official or anything, but I did the best I could. If any of you can figure out the song titles for the ones that eluded me, throw ’em at me.

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