a quick note from Humorless Productions

I have four videos up on my YouTube of the live recording I made of Medicine. The two songs that they promoted on their FB have a combined 1428 hits. The two songs they didn’t mention, even though they sound and look just as good, and are equally available to anybody to view on that very same YouTube channel, have 239 hits. More than a five to one ratio.

I put up two videos of the Youth Code recording, and the story is the same- the one that they posted to their FB has 522 hits, and the one they didn’t has 98. Again, just over a five to one ratio.

When I post a video, I write up some sort of description or info and post it along with the video(s) to my Blogspot, my Tumblr and my WordPress blogs, my personal FB and my company FB, as well as my LinkedIn (I only have like 3 Twitter followers, and those people are already on my FB, so I don’t even bother with Twitter). The bottom line is that I reach only so many people, and the people who I do reach don’t always seem to take the ball and run with it.

So if I’m ever fortunate to record you or your band, if you want your fans to see/hear it, it would really help out if you posted it to your FB with a quick little ‘Hey, check out this cool live recording from the other day…’. It’ll make you look good, you’ll sound good, it’ll be good for me, it’ll be good for the venue, and your fans will appreciate it.

Thanks. Brian Humorless. 



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