this week on Best in Show- Venetian Snares live in Seattle, 7 June 2008


I’m pleased to present the worldwide debut of Venetian Snares live at El Corazon in Seattle, Washington from the 7th of June 2008 this week on Humorless Productions Presents Best in Show on

This one sounds every bit as good as the recording I made of him in Korneuburg, Austria in 2005, and this show in Seattle coincided with the release of Detrimentalist, so he starts by playing some choice cuts from that one, and then heads off in all directions, including tracks from Rossz, Filth, Higgins, Doll Doll Doll, Cavalcade of Glee and all sorts of others.

Listen in at this Sunday at 6pm west coast time.

(Then I’ll be taking the following week off, but on the Sunday after that, the 28th, I’ll be back on with Nommo Ogo, Thee Source ov Fawnation, Baseck and Bad Timing live from LA from a few weeks ago.)

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