this week on Best in Show- Panacea and Venetian Snares, live at MUTEK Montreal, 2000/2001 (plus a challenge for next week)


Remember back in the old days (turn of the century?) when it was the hip thing for clubs to webcast live audio of their shows? Does anybody do that anymore, other than DNA Lounge in SF? Dunno. Don’t think so. And DNA Lounge applies such a ridiculously high ratio limiter on their audio that their webcasts are pretty much unlistenable (listen to some of their archives for yourself here). I remember back in those days, there was more than a handful of clubs in Berlin that did this every single weekend, and the time difference between Germany and me in Southern California was so that I would pop one of them on in the afternoon and let it run for hours and hours.

Anyways, Canada’s long-running and prestigious festival for electronic music, MUTEK, used to do this (still does? dunno) and would also post selected performances as mp3s for download after the fact (which are gone now as far as I can tell).

Was I the only one who would sit in my studio and record these things as they happened? Maybe so, because this Venetian Snares didn’t show up anywhere on the internet until I started giving it out to friends, and I can’t find this Panacea anywhere, maybe because I haven’t given it out to any friends yet.

Don’t expect Panacea’s familiar hard drum and bass sound in this performance. For this MUTEK show, he only performed songs from his brilliant Brasilia cd, which is much more in line with the ambient glitch sounds of his Squaremeter project.

And this Venetian Snares show is very early in his career when he was pumping out some of his most brutal, most relentless, most intense industrial-stength breakcore. He plays several tracks from the Shiver in Eternal Darkness cd and the Greg Hates Car Culture 12″ and the Fuck Canada // Fuck America cd and some other unreleased bits from that era.

MUTEK’s audio webcasts were superior to most others, as they had the wherewithal to set up some room mics and include them in the mix, so we do get some crowd noise. But as you would expect, both the Panacea and the VSnares required a whole bunch of fixing up and remastering, and I pumped in some extra crowd sounds to make it sound like an actual concert.

I know I’ve already typed a whole lot, but I’m gonna type some more-

I have a challenge for you, my listeners. To state it simply, my show is not all that popular. So here’s what I wanna do- this week, if the listener count surpasses 100, then for next week’s show on the 14th, I’ll put on this excellent recording I made of Venetian Snares live in Seattle from the summer of 2008, which happened right as Detrimentalist was hitting the streets, so he does a bunch of songs from that one, and from Rossz and Meathole and Infolepsy and Doll Doll Doll and Higgins and a whole bunch of others.

But if I don’t hit 100 listeners, that one will remain hidden, and I’ll put on something else.

But for this week, tune in on Sunday afternoon at 6pm west coast time at for Panacea like at MUTEK Montreal, 7 June 2000, and Venetian Snares live at MUTEK Montreal, 14 October 2001.

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