this week on Best in Show- Christoph Fringeli live in Austria 2009


Praxis Records label founder Christoph Fringeli treats us to some heavy and gloomy electronics this week on Best in Show- a mix of pounding industrial, proto-breakcore, with bits of dark ambient, radio/tv dialog and a little classical music.

Live at Elevate Festival, Graz, Austria, 24 October 2009. Tune in Sunday at 6pm west coast time at

this week on Best in Show- Corvx de Timor, LA 2013 and Yellow Then Blue, LA 2008


Couple unrelated live sets this week, although stylistically they’ll appeal to the same crowd.

First up will be Corvx de Timor live at Complex in Los Angeles from 22 May 2013. Recommended if you like Gridlock’s gloomy, crunchy, post-industrial/idm soundscapes and beats.

Followed by Yellow Then Blue‘s debut performance from the 12th of September 2008, also in Los Angeles. Imagine if Squarepusher and Aphex Twin had a baby, and it liked jazz and fusion rock as well as its parent’s spazzy, breakneck idm.

Both sets are short, so the complete radio show won’t be much more than an hour this week.

Listen in Sunday at 6pm west coast time at

this week on Best in Show- Graz and FFF live in Santa Barbara 2012



Seattle ravecore mashup hardcore genius Graz teamed up with legendary Rotterdam breakcore junglist FFF for the SpringBreakCore tour in the spring of 2012, and this Sunday I’ll bring you the recordings of their performances from the final show of that tour from the 24th of March 2012 from Santa Barbara.

And there’s so much going on these days on the weekend, that I’m gonna delay the start time for the show another hour, so from now on the show will start every Sunday at 6pm west coast time, 9pm on the east.

Listen in at