this week on Best in Show- Enduser, Las Vegas, 2007


Here’s another one from the vaults, and another world premier! Enduser live from Las Vegas from Cinco de Mayo, 2007.

I have no idea how Enduser found time to produce all the music that he did leading up to this Vegas show, on top of his constant touring. He had released From Zero in 2004, Run War and Comparing Paths and The End and Calling the Vultures in 2005, and Pushing Back and Form without Function in 2006. Six albums and one EP of remixes (as well as a handful of 12″s and compilation tracks) in three years, all the while touring, non-stop, worldwide. That’s ridiculous. 

I’ve decided to move back the start time for the show by an hour. Now that the weather is much more conducive to outdoor activities well into the evening, I try to take advantage of it as much as I can. So the show will now start at 5pm west coast time from now on (or at least until I feel like moving it even later…).

So this Sunday, 5pm on the west coast, 8pm on the east, live Enduser from Las Vegas, 5 May 2007. Listen at

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