this week on Best in Show- KK Null live in Austria 2009 and Merzbow live in Austria 2010


Another combo show this week with a short (~20 minutes) but really amazing live recording of KK Null in Graz from 2009, followed by Merzbow live in Vienna from the spring of 2010, a performance for which he was accompanied by drummer Balázs Pándi.

Sunday, 5pm west coast time, listen at

this week on Best in Show- Enduser, Las Vegas, 2007


Here’s another one from the vaults, and another world premier! Enduser live from Las Vegas from Cinco de Mayo, 2007.

I have no idea how Enduser found time to produce all the music that he did leading up to this Vegas show, on top of his constant touring. He had released From Zero in 2004, Run War and Comparing Paths and The End and Calling the Vultures in 2005, and Pushing Back and Form without Function in 2006. Six albums and one EP of remixes (as well as a handful of 12″s and compilation tracks) in three years, all the while touring, non-stop, worldwide. That’s ridiculous. 

I’ve decided to move back the start time for the show by an hour. Now that the weather is much more conducive to outdoor activities well into the evening, I try to take advantage of it as much as I can. So the show will now start at 5pm west coast time from now on (or at least until I feel like moving it even later…).

So this Sunday, 5pm on the west coast, 8pm on the east, live Enduser from Las Vegas, 5 May 2007. Listen at

this week on Best in Show- Abelcain (world premier) and Fanny


Tune in this Sunday afternoon on for Abelcain and Fanny recorded live in Los Angeles as they both played a Darkmatter Soundsystems party on 19 May 2006.

I’ve seen the Fanny recording pop up on a couple different places on the internet over the years, but I’ve since remastered this one, so it’ll sound far better than any version that’s already out there.

The Abelcain hasn’t been uploaded, released or broadcast in any way, in part or in whole, so I’m very excited to get that one on the air and give it a proper debut to the world.

Listen in at Sunday at 4pm west coast time.

this week on Best in Show- The Flashbulb live in Hollywood 2006


The Flashbulb live at The Vanguard, Hollywood, CA, 15 November 2006.

This one falls into the same category as my recordings of Venetian Snares and Richard Devine in that at the time, I recorded only my own audience bootleg, only to find out later that somebody in a position of authority had recorded and subsequently uploaded/released a board tape. I have combined the two, and the resulting ‘live album’ sounds infinitely better than either of the individual recordings by themselves.

My biggest hurdle with this project was that the board tape was riddled with serious problems. Really a disaster. Lots of nasty clipping. Channels dropping in and out with the accompanying sounds of cables being plugged in and pulled out. Stuff like that. I repaired/restored/fixed much of that, although there were some parts where it was totally FUBAR, but I did what I could with it. The good news is that not only did I make significant improvements in the board tape, but the audience recording helped in smoothing out many of the rough spots once I combined them.

In November of 2006 he was touring in support of his classic Flexing Habitual album so he plays many songs from that, as well as a few from earlier releases like Kirlian Selections and Reunion.

Listen in, Sunday at 4pm west coast time at

(audio and video) SkinCage and Not Breathing live in Tucson, 17 April 2013

Full sets from both. All audio recorded, mixed and mastered by me. Video capture and editing by me as well.

All-star night in Arizona as these two legends opened up for Negativland mainstay Mark Hosler (who I recorded as well, but hasn’t (yet?) given me the go-ahead to post his recording anywhere, so that one will remain buried in the archives for now).

Audio here (which is the same recording, but it might sound a little sharper than the YouTube audio)-

this week on Best in Show- Raxyor and Techdiff, live in Vienna 2010


Combo show again this week with a couple recordings from the same night in Vienna, June 2010- first the pummeling fury of Raxyor followed by the surgically precise but no less abusive mayhem from Techdiff, as it happened that night at an event called Panzer Schokolade #3 at EKH.

Listen in at, Sunday at 4pm west coast time.