this week on Best in Show- Mochipet

mochi cropMochipet has just wrapped up a victorious nationwide tour, which had him on the road since the end of last year.

I’ll be broadcasting the recording I made of his set at The Ruby Room in San Diego on the night of the 3rd of April on this week’s Best in Show.

Over the years, Mochipet has proven to be an artist that’s been difficult to pin down. Starting out in the mid-90s as a laptop idm producer, he’s bounced around between breakcore, mashup, hip hop, dubstep, minimal electronic, unclassifiable (Cuti Sadda…) and every other sub-sub-sub-genre of electronic music that you can imagine.

Nowadays (well, for this tour at least), he was blasting tunes that fit most easily in the style of the boombastic rock/synth/techno hybrid sounds of bands like Daft Punk or Chemical Brothers, and always with his idiosyncratic, distinctive style, making extensive use of marimba and his midi guitar with Kaoss pad (or something to that effect). For this tour, he also was accompanied by a live drummer. Super.

Mochipet live at The Ruby Room, San Diego, 3 April 2013.

Sunday at 4pm west coast time, listen at

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