full sets going up on my Mixcloud

I’ve made the decision to upload a bunch of the recordings I’ve made over the years to one centralized location, as opposed to them being scattered among various websites around the interwebs.

I’ll be uploading complete performances, not just a soundbite or two or a track or two. And originally my plan was to post recordings that had been made available at one time or another, and perhaps might still be available elsewhere. (Although all these recordings that I’m currently posting have been reworked/remixed/remastered, so these new ones will be the superior versions.) But now it’s my intent to post as many as I can, whether they’ve been previously released or not. Of course, that’s gonna require getting the OK from the artists themselves, and perhaps any recording labels that might be involved, but that’s the plan.

Also, I’ve decided to post them all at Mixcloud. I would really love to get them up at Soundcloud, but for the amount of time/space/memory this is gonna require, Soundcloud is prohibitively expensive. What do I have, like 50 or 60 or 70 of these recordings? Or more? I dunno. If you figure they average at about 45 minutes each, the only way Soundcloud can accommodate that much audio is with the full-on premium account which costs upwards of $1000US per year. Even if it was only a one-time fee of a thousand bucks, I still couldn’t afford that. A thousand bucks every 12 months is totally out of the question.

The advantages of Soundcloud are numerous (waaayyy more users than Mixcloud, ability to upload AIFF/WAV files, whereas Mixcloud is mp3 only (although I go 320 kbps, of course, which is virtually indistinguishable from lossless)), but at those prices, it really doesn’t matter how big or how many the advantages. I simply can’t afford it.

I’m just getting started, but I already have a few new ones up. Check it out, bookmark it, subscribe to it, embed them everywhere, tell the world.


In the meantime, here’s a picture of me with my new headphones.

full sets going up on my Mixcloud

Edit: I don’t have those AKG Q-701s any more. They were crap. No low end at all. I’m very happy with my Sony MDR-1RNCs these days, which are bass-heavy, noise cancelling, prosumer, non-studio headphones, and quite frankly don’t sound too different than Monster Beats Studios, they just don’t have the social and audio stigma to them.

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