(video) The Mattson 2 live in San Diego, 16 June 2012

I recorded San Diego’s pre-eminent surf/jazz combo The Mattson 2 at The Continental Hotel in San Diego’s historic Old Town district.

Outdoor patio, and no instruments were mic’d up, so what you hear here is just my stereo condenser microphone, set up in front of the guys. The audio turned out quite well I think.

Additionally, most of the shows I record these days, I also set up my little JVC camcorder to grab some video as well. It’s not a pro level camera, but it does shoot 1920×1080, and once I sync up the high quality audio recording to the video, it looks just fine. For this show, I had the camera set up on the ground next to the mic. It’s a little bit off-center, but otherwise it looks fine.

Nady stereo condenser mic for room/audience

Focusrite Saffire Pro24 preamp/interface

Logic 8 for recording, editing, mixing

Soundtrack Pro for mastering

MacBook Pro

website FB Last.fm Twitter

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