(audio) S.E.M;I live in San Diego, 21 Jan 2012

As my musical tastes evolved as I grew older, I was a big fan of the emerging industrial acts in the 90s. Not so much the originators in the 70s and 80s like Throbbing Gristle or Einsturzende Neubauten, as those were a bit before my time. I was born too late. I was introduced to the sound by way of bands like Test Dept. (Gododdin is still one of my favorites), Skinny Puppy (Last Rights from ‘92 still gets my vote as best album ever), The Young Gods and local Southern California bands like Babyland and Crash Worship. And sure, the big names too: Ministry and Nine Inch Nails and KMFDM and Front Line Assembly. It was a pretty fun time to be a fan of that style. Industrial soon gave way to bleeps and bloops of Autechre and Aphex Twin and the rest of the idm glitch monsters, which soon after gave way to the pounding beats and rhythmic complexity of breakcore artists like Venetian Snares, Enduser, and Xanopticon. But I digress. Back to the 90s for a minute…

S.E.M;I has been around since the late 90s as part of the industrial scene in Los Angeles, and its music has remained fairly untainted by some of the musical styles of the following years. At this show in San Diego in January of 2012 however, I was reminded of artists like Gridlock or Haujobb with the inclusion of some slightly gloomier than usual atmospheric sounds to accompany the dancefloor Kraftwerkian beats that we all expect from S.E.M;I.

By the way, you can buy a FLAC (or mp3 or whatever you prefer…) of the entire performance on S.E.M;I’s Bandcamp.

stereo board mix

Nady stereo condenser mic for room/audience

Focusrite Saffire Pro24 preamp/interface

Logic 8 for recording, editing, mixing

Soundtrack Pro for mastering

MacBook Pro

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