(audio) couple of Baseck-related recordings, March 2012, LA

First is a bit of audio from the collab tag-team set between Baseck and Darkmatter luminary Diskore. They were part of the festivities in North Hollywood, Ca at an event which included the return of Low Res mainstay Bombardier and dubstep heavyweight Broken Note. As you might expect in their set, Diskore provided the monstrous beats while Baseck contributed a heavy dose of scratching, various turntablism skills and an occasional gameboy outburst.

Baseck vs Diskore, 16 March 2012, live at Blue Moon Nights, North Hollywood, Ca.

Next up is audio from a collaborative effort between Baseck and LA’s techno monster Derek Michael. As both of their first names are Derek/Derrick, they’ve adopted the designation [D]Squared for their collab sets. Similar in function to the Diskore audio, Baseck provides scratching and other audio accents here, while Derek Michael supplies the musical backbone of charging techno beats, perhaps a notch or two more aggressive than most, comparable to Surgeon or Planetary Assault Systems.

[D]Squared, 29 March 2012, live at Medusa Lounge, Los Angeles.

stereo board mix

Nady stereo condenser mic for room/audience

Focusrite Saffire Pro24 preamp/interface

Logic 8 for recording, editing, mixing

Soundtrack Pro for mastering

MacBook Pro

Baseck: website Twitter Bandcamp FB

Diskore: Soundcloud Last.fm

Derek Michael: website Twitter

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