(audio) Wisp live in Oakland, 23 Sept 2011

Rephlex superstar Wisp crawled out of his studio in Niagra Falls (where he’s furiously working on his next album) and came out west to play a one-off show for RecordLabelRecords in Oakland in September of 2011. He played many unreleased tracks in the performance as well as some earlier tunes. His music is melodic electronic without being sleepy, danceable without getting too loopy, breaky without getting broken, playful without getting silly, bleepy but not too clinical, lush without getting dreamy, at times getting slightly aggressive but so much as to cause people to plug their ears and/or run away, and with occasional acoustic piano interludes.

Wisp live at Cremation of Care at Zool in Oakland, California, 23 Sept 2011.

stereo board mix

Nady stereo condenser mic for room/audience

Focusrite Saffire Pro24 preamp/interface

Logic 8 for recording, editing, mixing

Soundtrack Pro for mastering

MacBook Pro

website Wiki really old site with some early Wisp tunes for free download

Update: The organizers of the Cremation of Care festival have made available on their Bandcamp page a giant compilation consisting of the recordings I made of  this weekend, plus a handful more. Artists include Wisp, Xanopticon, Terminal 11, Exillon, Thee Source ov Fawnation, Scuzi, Kush Arora, William S. Braintree, Brian E, Florescent Grey, Identity Theft and RMS.

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